• President
    Gustáv Solár, M. D., PhD., The First Clinic of Acupuncture and Natural Medicine of 1. Solar, Ltd., workplace Šamorín, Slovak Republic (SK)
  • Vice-presidents
    Radik Fayazovich Galiakhmetov, M. D., CSc.,
    Department of Restorative Medicine, the Russian Eye and Plastic Surgery Centre, Ufa, Russian Federation (RU)
  • Prof. Sergej Petoukhov, Dr. of Physic and Mathematic, DrSc.,
    Mechanic Engineering Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russian Federation (RU)
  • Dr. Folker Meissner,
    Clinic for Holicstic Medicine Dr.Meissner, Konigswinter, president of German Academy for Energy Medicine and Bioenergetics e.V., Germany (DE)
  • Working Group for the Creation of a Curriculum of Natural Medicine and Accreditation of Education
    Head: Dr. Folker Meissner (DE)
  • Working Group for the Regenerative Medicine
    Head: Radik Fayazovich Galiakhmetov, M. D., CSc. (RU)
  • Working Group for the Music Therapy and Art Therapy
    Head: Prof. Sergey V. Schushardzhan, DMedSc., Ph.D. (RU)
  • Working Group for the SINM Magazine Acupuncture and Natural Medicine and the SINM Website
    Head: Ing. Juraj Solar (SK)
  • Scientific Secretary of ISNM
    PhDr. Kvetoslava Kotrbova, PhD., MPH (SK)
  • Members: natural and legal persons supportive for international cooperation in natural medicine
  • General Assembly, Presidium, Supervisory Board